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Welcome to Collective Clarity

“Most of us base our future plans on our past plans. There is a better way."

- Rebecca Ryan, Futurist

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About Collective Clarity

The year 2020 has taught us a lot about disruption and complexity. Plans made six months ago now seem far away and maybe even irrelevant. We find ourselves struggling to work in new ways, across boundaries, and without the same institutional structures that may have defined our work in the past. We wonder how the future will look.

Collective Clarity, LLC was founded in response to these challenges. Clients include organizations from all three sectors – corporate, nonprofit, and government. Collective Clarity helps individuals, teams, and organizations turn complexity and disruption into innovative futures. The assessments, tools and process design help clients figure out what’s coming, how to prepare and how to build better futures for themselves and their organizations.

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Our Mission

To help individuals, teams, organizations and communities build better futures–transforming disruption into innovative, generative action

Our Vision

Create environments and systems that care for the human spirit, focus on healthy futures and create innovative solutions.

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Leslie Wright


Leslie Wright is the founder of Collective Clarity, LLC, Her work is built on an enduring belief in:
• The power of collaborations and collective creativity
• The power of diversity
• The driving need for an inclusive and just community
• The transformative power of curiosity
• A future built on networked and interdependent systems

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Leslie’s passion for building community by bringing people and ideas together is the type of inclusive leadership we need during these times. She is able to ask the tough questions, challenge the established processes, and bring diverse groups of people together to help identify solutions to systemic problems.

Nate Klein, EdD ’07
Vice President, Student Success

Leslie Wright understands that our shared future will be shaped by the collaborations and collective creativity we embrace today. She knows how to bring people together through the transformative power of curiosity to help design and activate a path forward that is inclusive and just. Leslie has proven herself as a leader that can create a safe space for all ideas and gently guide the process into positive action.

Mark Nolte
Project Director, Better Together

Leslie Wright was an invaluable help as the National Association of Counties underwent great change. Her assistance in leading us to a new future was inspiring and made so much possible. I continue to appreciate her insights and work in other arenas as well!

Linda Langston
Formerly Board President, National Association of Counties

Leslie introduced our non-profit organization to true, strategic planning while facilitating our annual development meeting. Her organizational skills and ability to keep the discussion “on target” provided the key ingredient we have always been missing. Everyone is now focused on the same goals and our non-profit is growing – we are serving more clients and this helps the Cedar Rapids community.

Jeff Sherrman
Board of Directors, Fresh Start Ministries

Leslie is a skilled facilitator and communicator. Leslie is one of our most requested session presenters at our annual Great Rivers Conference. Her engagement style has helped our members implement complex initiatives and achieve a deeper understanding of how to move their organizations forward.

Charlene Mouille
Executive Director, United Way of Wisconsin

Leslie is a very talented facilitator who can assist groups in focusing on strategic thinking that will increase results.   She is an experienced collaborator who believes in the strength of collective impact.

Elisabeth Buck, President
United Way of Central Iowa

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